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Publishing House: Wroclaw University of Economics
Year: 2019
Issue: 4 (54)
ISSN: 1507-3858
e-ISSN: 2450-0003
No. of pages:
Size: B5
Binding: paperback

ICT solutions in Polish law firms
Autor: Iwona Chomiak

 Business Intelligence in consolidation of financial statements
Autor: Anna Karmańska

Use of virtual reality in digital marketing communication
Autor: Karol Łopaciński, Łukasz Łysik

The use of information and communication technologies in the process of introducing incentive schemes
Autor: Żaneta Nejman, Joanna Sadłowska-Wrzesińska

Methodological apparatus and instruments for personalization in adaptive tutoring systems
Autor: Gracja Niesler, Andrzej Niesler

Digitalization of audit actions in the industry 4.0 era
Autor: Karol Szewczyk

 Basis of the analysis of the requirements in the implementation methodology of the ECM systems
Autor: Radosław Wójtowicz