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Publishing House: Wroclaw University of Economics
Year: 2020
Issue: 4 (58)
ISSN: 1507-3858
e-ISSN: 2450-0003
No. of pages:
Size: B5
Binding: paperback

Using Agile Practice under the CD-ERP Model: A Hybrid Approach
Autor: Tareq Salahi Almigheerbi, David Ramsey, Anna Lamek

Using Moodle as a Response System for higher education in Poland: Benefits and challenges
Author: Anna Bąkała, Marek Molenda, Marcin Bąkała

E-Learning Course Design In ADDIE Methodology As a Process In BPMN 2.0
Author: Anna Bąkała, Marek Molenda, Marcin Bąkała

The Use of metamodeling for building the e-business aplications
Author: Zenon Biniek

Digitalization In The Transformation of The Business Environmnent
Author: Beata Butryn

The Use of ICT Tools In Discovering Knowledge About Law In Judical Decisions
Author: Iwona Chomiak-Orsa, Andrzej Greńczuk

Project management support systems in the SaaS model in the activity of virtual organizations
Author: Damian Dziembek

Smart Payment Terminal in energy payment for electric and hybrid cars
Author: Marcin Hernes, Przemysław Dankiewicz, Ewa Walaszczyk, Piotr Tutak, Iwona Chomiak-Orsa, Artur Rot, Agata Kozina, Marcin Fojcik, Mykola Dyvak, Bogdan Franczyk

Using Computer Software For Energy Saving Determination In Complex Business Processes – KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. Case Study
Author: Mariusz Sangórski

Conditions Of Outsourcing Implementation In E-Business
Author: Małgorzata Sobińska